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UToronto evicts prep school

'Laboratory' school has been affiliated with the university since 1910

A prestigious high school has been left looking for a new building to lease, after the University of Toronto denied its request for refurbishment. Located on the St. George campus, the University of Toronto Schools has served as a unique training ground for student teachers, while providing university preparatory education to gifted students. Described as a “laboratory” school, UTS has permitted young teachers, graduate students and education researchers, to have access to a control group for experimentation in the classroom. Now, after 101 years, beginning in 1910, the university has decided it wants the space for itself. In informing UTS of its decision, U of T explained that it was undesirable for the site to be used “for a non-university use in perpetuity,” though no firm plans have been made for the facility. UTS has until 2021 to find new accommodations.