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What professors really think of you (updated)

The gloves come off at Rate Your Students

I pride myself on making The Hour Hand “content rich” as they say, and so I rarely create entries that merely refer readers to other blogs or sites, but the delightful madness over at Rate Your Students has become so superb, I just have to share it.

If you don’t know about it, Rate Your Students is a no-holds-barred site where professors come together, anonymously of course, to slam their worst students, getting a little payback for sites like Rate My Professors. Most of the posters seem to be Americans, many of whom work under less pleasant conditions than those of us in Canada, so if you are a Canadian, take their rantings with a grain of salt. Or a bag of salt.

This week’s vitriol is partly on the theme of whether professors consider themselves morally superior to their students. Here, as they say on RYS, is some flava:

Moral fiber is like driving or f******—everyone thinks they’re better than average. S***, I take the bus and haven’t gotten laid in six months and I STILL think I’m a terrific driver and a total hero in the sack. And am I morally superior to my students (and 98% of my colleagues)? You bet your sweet ass I am.

By the way, I myself have contributed to RYS once or twice. Public praise to anyone who can figure out which entries are mine.

Update: apparently my endorsement is a knell of doom, for RYS has announced they are ending their five-year mission of academic angst. The gang at the Compound will be missed.