On Campus

Worth noting: Panel to discuss PSE financial barriers

Next Wednesday, the University of Toronto Faculty of Arts & Science and the Arts and Science Students’ Union will be hosting a round table panel on the topic “Overcoming the Financial Barriers to Post-Secondary Education.”

The panel includes Ken Norrie of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario and Ian Clark, former president and CEO of the Council of Ontario, of UToronto’s School of Public Policy & Governance. Both of this individuals are very knowledgable about post-secondary goverance and have a great deal of influence in formulating government policy.

Rounding out the panel is Katherine Giroux-Bougard of the Canadian Federation of Students.

I’m definitely interested to hear from Ken Norrie, HEQCO has great potential and there will be a void left by the ending mandate of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation. Hopefully, HEQCO will reach its full potential and help fill the need for high quality independent research on student financial aid.