University of Northern British Columbia: student life on campus

An insider’s perspective on the best hangover breakfast, place to study and more
Melanie Bellwood
UNBC interior architecture

The 411

Unofficial school motto:
Best place for a nap:
The couches in the library
Best cheap lunch:
Stackers Deli in the Winter Garden
Best hangover breakfast:
Fatburger! That’s right, they do breakfast too.
Best bar for hanging out:
Nancy O’s. Classy music and amazing food.
Best campus food:
The Thirsty Moose
Best place for a fancy meal:
Cimo Mediterranean Grill. Best homemade pasta in town.
Best place to live:
Either near Pine Centre Mall or the Spruceland Mall. Both are great neighbourhoods
with excellent bus access.
Best place to study:
Enjoy the serenity of the second or third floor of the library, or find a spot in the Teaching and Learning building and hunker down
Weirdest tradition:
The UNBC Orientation Colour Run sees students from all programs and years run to see who can collect the most colour
Best campus event:
SLO (Student-Led Organizations) Days brings together more than 50 clubs to welcome new students and advertise what the school has to offer
Best giveaway:
The Career Fair. For a select week, employers bring every type of freebie imaginable.
Best live music venue:
Books & Company
If I could change one thing about the school:
We definitely need one more food place on campus

PROFILE: University of Northern British Columbia | Prince George, B.C. | Founded 1994

The University of Northern British Columbia is a great place for those passionate about their studies. Located on top of University Hill and overlooking all of Prince George, this small university blends the ideals of global citizenship with local learning. We are a school of activists. Students from every program dedicate hundreds of extracurricular hours to the betterment and representation of their chosen cause. The university keeps a close connection with local businesses, non-profit organizations and major companies, both ensuring your degree means something and helping when it’s time to find a job.

The campus itself is small. It takes a maximum of 15 minutes to cross it (and that’s if you’re going slow). The Rotunda Gallery and Winter Garden social hub are at the heart of campus, representing how local culture, expression and socialization are important parts of our school.

Our professors are extremely interactive and approachable—meaning you will never feel left behind by the rest of your class. There are nearly 50 student-led organizations to feed your love of learning beyond the classroom. If you let passion be your guide, then the University of Northern British Columbia is the place for you.

After Class

UNBC is also home to a burgeoning musical productions club that stages a minimum of two productions every year, plus pub nights, fundraisers and countless other events. Whether you want to be a spectator or participant, the musical productions club is a great way to connect not only to the school, but the Prince George community. If musical performance is not your thing, UNBC is also home to the Northern Sports Centre, home base for our incredible sports teams. Whether you are part of the team or watching for moral support, the Centre is the place to be. Go Timberwolves!

Local Vibe
Prince George is considered British Columbia’s (unofficial) northern capital. With thousands of tourists every year, it is easy to get caught up in the countless annual events and activities. Venues like the Omineca Arts Centre, Two Rivers Gallery and the Exploration Place are the places to go for events like Downtown Summerfest, Coldsnap Music Festival and the Kiwanis AleFest. Books & Company is a hybrid coffee shop/bookstore/music venue and sits directly beneath the Artspace, where local artists work, play and perform.

More Info
For more local news, be sure to follow Over the Edge newspaper and CFUR Radio to know what our students are up to.