University of Ontario Institute of Technology: Student tips for life on campus

Best place to study, eat on campus, and more

University of Ontario Institute of Technology Student

Best place for a nap: The Dixon-Alger Fireside Reading Room
Best cheap lunch: Berry Hill Food Co.
Favourite campus food: E.P. Taylor’s
Favourite watering hole: Shagwells on the Ridge
Perks: Bowling, roller skating, proximity to Toronto
Where to live: Niagara Drive
Best place to study: The Fishbowl
Best place to hang out: UOIT-Baagwating Indigenous Student Centre (UBISC)
Coolest elective: Astronomy
Best Hideaway: Faculty of Education Building
Weirdest tradition: Engineer egg-drop
Official school slogan: ‘Challenge, innovate, connect’
Most notorious bus route: 915 Taunton
Best campus event: Pangea—a potluck of cultural cuisine
Best cultural event: Sweat Lodge Ceremony
Best coffee shop: Isabella’s Chocolate Café
Best known for: ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel
Unofficial mascot: Stanley the Goose
Official mascot: Hunter the Ridgeback

PROFILE: University of Ontario Institute of Technology | Oshawa, Ont. | Founded 2003

University Insider: Sara Ventura, 21, Political Science

As a school largely attended by commuters, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology comes to life with the arrival of the morning buses. Once students begin to flood the halls, it becomes clear that the population growth of the young school has outpaced the expansion of its infrastructure. The university is composed of two geographically—and ideologically—distinct campuses. Business and science programs are situated in north Oshawa, a 20-minute bus ride away from the social sciences and education faculties in the city’s downtown core.

However, the adolescent university offers a unique and intimate post-secondary experience not available at other, more established institutions. At UOIT, students are more than just a number; all of my professors know my name. With a small yet growing student body, I’m able to see my friends and peers on a regular basis. This makes for a warm and friendly atmosphere. With that said, the student body is fairly apathetic and a struggling Student Association means student activity outside of the classroom tends to be relatively moderate. As a result, it is easy to feel isolated, especially as a downtown campus student like myself. However, there are plenty of opportunities to stand out as a leader within the community and to distinguish yourself amongst your peers. You can do this by starting your own club or joining a sports team. Like its students, UOIT continues to try to define itself as a new university. Accordingly, it will need ambitious, innovative and forward-thinking students to drive its success.

UOIT’s Automotive Centre for Excellence, otherwise known as ACE, is home to one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels. While it’s primarily used as a testing facility, students look forward to beating the winter blues during one of the annual hot yoga classes or beach days hosted in the space. In addition, UOIT also boasts one of the largest geothermal well fields in North America, which is responsible for the heating and cooling of the university.

Local Vibe
The main university campus sits amidst the evolving north end of Oshawa. Surrounded by growing suburbs and green space, students like to wander the scenic trails behind the school or take a bus to the downtown campus where there are plenty of locally owned restaurants. There’s also a roller rink, a board games café and even an escape room. Attendees also like to visit the expansive waterfront or the local mall. Although there are plenty of activities and local amenities, students also enjoy Oshawa’s close proximity to Toronto; only a 40-minute train ride away, the city is great for a day trip.

The Skinny
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