University of the Fraser Valley: student tips for surviving life on campus

Where to find the best hiking trails, cheap lunch and best place to live

University of Fraser Valley Students

Unofficial school motto: ‘Maybe I’ll just do one more semester . . . I’ve always wanted to take sculpting’
Best place for a nap: The couches in the Cascade office
Best cheap lunch: $2 fries from the Canoe in the SUB
Best hangover breakfast: O’Neills sandwich shop
Favourite campus food: Banana bread from Fair Grounds
Best off-campus coffee shop: Oldhand Coffee in Downtown Abbotsford
Perks of living in this town: Lots of local shows, friendly people, close to the ocean and tons of hiking trails
Best hiking trails: Chilliwack Lake and the Abby Grind
Best place to live: The dorms at Abbotsford campus, or the nearby apartment complex
Best place to study: The couches on the third floor of the Abbotsford campus’s D building
Best campus event: The Louden Singletree’s annual launch party, or the Cascade’s (hopefully annual) free pizza event
Best cultural event: Exhibition openings at the Reach
Best live music venue: Carport Manor
Newest tradition: Beginning-of-the-year pizza party on the Green
Official school motto: ‘IYAQAWTXW ’ (‘House of Transformation’ in Halq’eméylem)

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University Insider: Cat Friesen, 25, Creative Writing

The University of the Fraser Valley is a diverse, inclusive and welcoming university that is teeming with talented and delightful students, staff and faculty. With just over 15,000 students, UFV may be relatively small compared to other universities, but it overcomes its size with diverse events and a supportive community.

Are you the creative type? Why not write for the Cascade, UFV’s student-run newspaper, volunteer with (or submit to) the Louden Singletree, our literary and arts magazine, or volunteer with CIVL, the radio station. They’re always thrilled to connect with imaginative, driven individuals. Or, if you’re the athletic type, try out for one of the many sports teams—basketball, rowing, wrestling, soccer, rugby and volleyball. Or maybe you’re passionate about something else—no matter what, we have plenty of clubs that will spark your interest, ranging from Amnesty UFV to UFV Pride Collective.
This can all sound like a lot to a new student, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we have an excellent counselling centre where you can talk confidentially to professionals. We also have a mental health club, and several therapy dogs that visit UFV’s campuses every week—befriending one of those beautiful golden pups is enough to make anyone smile.

If I can give you one piece of advice for your time at UFV, it’s to get involved. Join clubs, go to events, write for the paper, volunteer at CIVL, play sports. You’ll make lifelong friends, learn about the world (and yourself!) and have the best four years of your life.

If you want something sweet between classes, head over to Fair Grounds Coffee in the SUB—they have cookies, smoothies, lattes and the best banana bread in Abbotsford. If you’re more of a savoury person, the Canoe, also located in the SUB, and the cafeteria, located in the basement of B building, both offer a wide variety of meals to get you through the day.

Local Vibe
One of the best parts of attending UFV is the numerous events held throughout the year. In January alone, the school hosted “Nerf on UFV Turf,” an event focused on traditional games such as capture the flag, but played with Nerf guns, and the yoga club’s annual Glowga event, in which students cover themselves in glow-in-the-dark paint and practise yoga in a black-lit room. Later in the semester, we’ll have the English Students’ Association bad love poetry night (complete with cringeworthy poetry, snacks and wine) and the launch for Louden Singletree. Again, there will be snacks and wine.

The Skinny
Visit the Student Union Society’s Facebook page for news and events.

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