Acadia University: Student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to live, campus food and more

Aditi Sharma, 19
Computer science

Aditi Sharma (Courtesy of Aditi Sharma)

Why did you choose Acadia?
I chose Acadia because of the variety of programs the school offers along with the option of doing co-op. I also liked the relatively small size of campus. A lot of people in Wolfville are associated with Acadia in some way, which really helps students feel as though they are a part of the community.

Describe some of your best experiences so far.
I really enjoy campus events. I especially loved the Slip and Slide, when they covered the lawn outside one of the residences with a plastic sheet and put soap all over it. Students foamed themselves up and slid across. There were water guns, music playing in the background and lollipops for everyone. I’ve also really appreciated the way my professors adjusted to teaching during COVID, finding ways to keep things interactive and helping students stay focused.

Are you involved in extracurricular activities?
Acadia is academically demanding, but everyone seems to be involved in something extracurricular. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities, on-campus societies and sports clubs that you can be a part of. Personally, I have been involved with the school’s sexual health resource centre.

What do you think of your professors?
In general, the professors at Acadia are very supportive. I have found that when I email them or drop by during office hours, they listen and try their best to help me. Of course, not every professor is going to be for you. It’s always a good idea to ask around and talk to other students about professors whose courses you are thinking of taking. That way, you know what to expect.

What do you think of the school’s administration?
It’s important to plan ahead when you’re deciding which courses to take. Some classes have prerequisites, and in some cases you need to have earned a minimum grade in a prerequisite course. This is where the administrative staff comes in. They are really helpful. You can plan your whole degree with them. They’ll tell you exactly what you need to do and help you out with signing up as well.

What is off-campus life like in Wolfville?
Wolfville is a small and scenic town in the Annapolis Valley. It is very much a student town. Most restaurants have a student discount and students can find jobs right downtown or in the next town, which is 20 minutes away by bus. However, Wolfville may not be the place for you if you are a city person.

PROFILE: Acadia University | Wolfville, N.S. | Founded 1838

Best place to live: Main Street. It’s more affordable than residence while still being connected to campus.
Best place to study: The K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre makes me feel calm and focused
Best campus events: Homecoming and Orientation Week
Weirdest tradition: Going to the campus bar every Wednesday for wings
Best campus food: The Axe Bar and Grill: it’s student-run and on campus
Best pizza: Picasso Pizza
Best place for a fancy dinner: Troy Restaurant
Best giveaway: Acadia Students’ Union giveaways during orientation
Best bar for hanging out: The Anvil
Best live music venue: The Anvil on a weekend
Best hangover breakfast: The Naked Crêpe
Best place for a nap: Dorm room after classes
Best weekend activity: Hiking trails
The thing that surprised me most about the school: The town shuts down by 8 p.m. on weekdays
If I could change one thing about the school: That it wasn’t on a slope

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