Lakehead University 411: The coolest elective and more

A Lakehead University insider's perspective on campus life

Lakehead University ice rink

Best place for a nap:
Couches in the University Centre basement

Best cheap lunch:
Free candy from the Lakehead University Student Union; homemade dinner by awesome roommates

Best hangover breakfast:
Pancakes at Hoito

Favourite campus drink:
White hot chocolate from the Study Coffeehouse

Favourite watering holes:
The Outpost (on campus)and Madhouse

Perks of living in this town:
No traffic, awesome nature, few people, saunas everywhere

Where to live:
Port Arthur

Best place to study:
Fourth floor of the Advanced Technology and Academic Centre

Coolest elective:
Introductory Psychology with Mike Moland

Most frustrating bus route:
Any bus you have to wait for (many run every 30 minutes)

Best campus events:
Poster sale; powwow; Club Days; Take Back the Night; Music for the Masses; last pub night of the year at the Outpost

Hidden treasure:
Private, soundproof piano rooms on campus, which are almost always available

Best live-music venue:
The Foundry

Weirdest tradition:
Accepting bad weather like it’s no big deal

Best spectator sport:
Thunderwolves hockey

University Insider: Ellen Stevens, 26, Psychology and Business Information Technology Management

Lakehead University is awesome! If skating on a frozen lake on campus after class while listening to dubstep on your headphones, then heading to the gym (a four-minute walk away) to use the Olympic-sized pool and sauna sounds good to you, then this is the place to be.


Lakehead has a great campus. A gorgeous stream runs right through it. And from the fifth floor of our modern Advanced Technology and Academic Centre, you can see right over the city, past Lake Superior toward the Sleeping Giant rock formation.

There are plenty of comfortable couches and empty classrooms, so finding a place to chill out and do your work is easy. LU is not overcrowded. In fact, our small population of about 8,500 gives the university a comfortable community feel. To the partiers out there, we also have one of the largest campus pubs in Canada, the Outpost—convenient and fun!

PROFILE: Lakehead University | Thunder Bay, Ont. | Founded 1965

Even better are Lakehead’s superstar professors. Teaching staff at LU know who you are and take extra steps to help you achieve the best results in your classes. They are also better positioned to give more personalized references.

The culture is super-chill, so it’s easy to focus on your studies while receiving positive vibes from supportive students. We also have pretty big dorms compared to most schools, so you don’t feel like you’re living in a closet. The school hires students during the summer and school year, so there are opportunities for work. I found a part-time job within five minutes of looking.

We have lots of school clubs and opportunities to get involved and, because of the small student population, you actually have a chance to make a big impact and be noticed for your efforts. Our education rocks, and so do our entrance scholarships, which are automatic—no application required—for students with averages of 80 per cent or higher.

Lakehead gives its students a chance to feel important, to be healthy and independent. It has all the conveniences of the city but is removed from the hectic nature of it all. Lakehead is like a hidden gem: I want to keep it for myself, but my mom taught me that it’s nice to share.

Lakehead University is home to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, a law school and a program for teachers that many people are fond of. And if that’s not enough, perhaps you’ll enjoy the wild deer that roam through campus and look at you inquisitively.

Local Vibe
I doubt many people come to Thunder Bay for the city. However, the mom-and-pop and coffee shops, theatre, gorgeous views and people make it a pleasure to live here. We have some great bars and restaurants, as well as a mall. You can make it from one end of the city to the other without worrying about wasting time in traffic.
Rent is cheap. Drinks are cheaper. Cover charges are cheaper still. There are keg parties, house parties, jam sessions, powwows. You’ll get a chance to try dogsledding, snowboarding, winter camping, ice fishing, snowshoeing, hiking, swimming and kayaking. We have a pretty rocking music scene, everything from indie to rock, electronic to Top 40.
Thunder Bay is far and cold, it’s true, but Porter Air flies here several times a day, and it takes only an hour and a half to get to Toronto. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get away from your parents. Sorry, guys.

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