Mount Royal University: student life on campus

An insider's guide to the best campus food, place to study and more

The 411

Best hangover breakfast:
Blackfoot Diner is open 24-7 and is budget-friendly
Best place for a nap:
The dedicated nap room in Wyckham House
Best cheap lunch:
The $6 pepperoni flatbread at Sal’s in the Wyckham House food court
Best pizza:
Una Pizza + Wine. Always get the Beltline. If you’re on a budget, head down to Gaga Pizzeria and get their Signora Gaga for $10.
Best place to study:
Third or fourth floor of the Riddell Library
Best bar for hanging out:
The Hub is your only option on campus. Wild Rose Brewery is right across the street if you’re headed off campus.
Best food on campus:
Donairs on Tuesday from the Table. Subway is the go-to every other day.
Best place to live:
Marda Loop right across Crowchild Trail is your best bet off campus
Best campus event:
The Crowchild Classic hockey games against the U of C at the Saddledome always draw big crowds
Best giveaway:
There are always plenty of freebies at orientation. One student wins a year’s tuition at the Crowchild Classic every year.
Weirdest tradition:
The unofficial tradition of reminding everyone who misspeaks that we’re a university now, not a college
Best live music venue:
Broken City on 11 Ave.
If I could change one thing about the school:
Having a way to move from building to building without going outside

PROFILE: Mount Royal University | Calgary, Alta. | Founded 1910

Sitting in the shadow of the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University seems perpetually stuck trying to convince everyone they’re just as good.

With average class sizes of under 30 students and a smaller campus than the U of C, Mount Royal’s main draw is comfort, which inspired the slogan “You Belong Here.”

It’s become a cliché around Calgary, but Mount Royal instructors really do know you by name, and the quiet classrooms feel cozy and not intimidating.

Originally founded as a college in 1910, Mount Royal’s architecture can feel like a time warp. The main hall holds remnants of the school’s history. Its brick walls contrast with flat screens along the main corridor. Trash cans still bear the “MRC” designation from pre-2009 when the school was a college.

In absolute contrast stands the Riddell Library across campus, which opened in 2017. Beyond the flashy 3D printers and interactive classrooms, the main pull of Riddell for me is the endless supply of power outlets—a godsend come finals season when your laptop’s about to give out.

After Class
Smaller certainly doesn’t translate to less in the case of Mount Royal. There are almost 40 official student clubs on campus, ranging from Firearms Club to the Harry Potter Fan Club. MRU’s Ski Club organizes trips into the surrounding mountains. Even if you aren’t interested in hitting the slopes, their membership card gets you discounts at pubs and clubs around the city—a no-brainer perk for a student budget.

One thing I love about MRU is you can be as involved or introverted as you want. The university experience is exactly what you make it at Mount Royal, which is a huge draw for anyone hesitant about the stereotypes of post-secondary living.

Local Vibe
While Mount Royal’s nightlife doesn’t hold the same infamous reputation as other universities, the close proximity to 17th Ave and the rest of downtown Calgary means it’s never a problem to find something to do on a Friday night. Whether it’s a round of drinks at the Ship & Anchor, or trekking a few blocks north for a game of bowling, Calgary’s downtown stays lively regardless of the winter conditions.

Even on weeknights, Calgary has constant comedy and local music shows, with the Ship & Anchor booking solid bands sporadically. Rockin’ 4 Dollar$, a weekly open-mic/game-show hybrid, happens at Broken City every Wednesday night.

More Info
The Reflector and Calgary Journal are the two student publications. For more focused student info, check out the student union page at