Mount Saint Vincent University 411 -

Mount Saint Vincent University 411

A Mount Saint Vincent insider’s perspective on campus life


Mount Saint Vincent University students

Unofficial school motto:
‘Everyone gets a nice butt because of all the hills you have to climb to get to classes’

Best place for a nap:
Library basement

Baillie Saunders

Best cheap lunch:
When the Students’ Union serves free mac and cheese

Best hangover breakfast:
Chartwells breakfast sandwich (hits the spot every time)

Favourite watering hole:
Halifax Alehouse

Perks of living in this town:
The ability to be yourself without feeling judged

Best place to study:
McCain Centre

Best campus event:
Halloween Pub

Best giveaway:
Yik Yak merchandise and free waffles from the Students’ Union

Best live music venue:
Gus’ Pub & Grill

University Insider: Baillie Saunders, 21, Public Relations


My mom’s old, green 2001 Honda Civic was packed full of everything I needed for my new life in what country girls like me have always considered the Big Apple of Nova Scotia: Halifax. I was excited and curious about living in a city so full of opportunity, but I also had my doubts: had Mount Saint Vincent University been the right choice? Would I fit in? Those questions receded as I walked through the doors of the Rosaria Student Centre and realized this would be a good start to figuring out the rest of my life.

PROFILE: Mount Saint Vincent University | Halifax, N.S. | Founded 1873

If you are a person coming from a small town where everyone knows everyone, right down to what kind of car you drive, then you will like the community environment of the Mount, especially with its average class size of just 23 students. But if you’re from an urban area, you won’t feel as if you’ve been exiled to the hinterland.
As I got more comfortable with my Mount community, I noticed just how appreciative and supportive it is of the LGBTQ community. I realized, wow, this school is devoted to making you feel comfortable not just academically, but on a personal basis as well.

MSVU has a Wellness Centre and a therapy dog named Oscar to support students and provide a sense of comfort to those who are struggling with any aspect of their university experience. The centre provides fresh food as well as a wide range of services, including how-to seminars and mental health support.

There’s always something happening at MSVU. Whether you live on or off campus, you will be sure to hear about fun activities such as the Halloween Pub Night held at the campus pub, the Grinch’s Gala, the Mr. Mount drag king and queen competition and outdoor movie nights. There’s also a wide variety of clubs on campus that many students enjoy. Clubs range from ones based on your program to an array of hobbies and interests. You can also create your own group.

Local Vibe
Diversity: this is the word I always use when someone asks me how I like Halifax. The metropolis is very vibrant. As you make your way downtown, it’s hard not to stop and explore a spot you’ve never visited before. (And, yes, almost always the lyrics by Vanessa Carlton, “Making my way downtown,” will pop into your head). The city offers a wide range of nightlife options, music venues, sports events and beautiful scenery that sometimes makes you feel you’re in a movie, hence the nickname “Haliwood” that many locals use.

The Skinny
Check out Halifax Metro ( for the inside scoop on what’s going on in the city.