Not all classes are created equal

But how much time and effort can one class demand above others?

We’ve all done it before: enrolled in a class because we thought it would be an easy credit, only to find out that getting a passing grade would be anything but easy. Or, we’ve been told upfront how difficult and time consuming a course would be, but take it anyways after we convince ourselves that it can’t be that bad. It’s usually not until halfway through the semester that we realize how bad it could be, after spending hours upon hours desperately trying to keep up with our homework for the class.

I’m currently in the middle of the latter problem. While I was well aware that my film course was highly practical and would require several extra hours of work outside of class, I convinced myself that I could make it work. Yet now, with only a few weeks left till the end of the school year, I am questioning if it is worth it to drastically readjust my schedule for the sake of one course if my other commitments have to suffer.

Well into my third year of university, I’ve realized that not all courses are made equal, even if they are at the same level. Some require more time and effort to complete assignments outside of the classroom, and some require more attention inside the classroom to keep up with the instructor’s lessons. I’ve also realized the connection between how demanding your instructor is and the education you gain from the course is usually a positive one, since the courses that demand more time and effort on your part are the courses that usually leave you learning more and with a better overall experience in the long run.

However, as much as I’d like to believe my experiences at university are as important as gaining a degree, ultimately, every course boils down to a letter grade on your transcript and credit hours that bring you closer to graduating. Even if the class provides you with invaluable knowledge, I can’t help but wonder if, in a practical sense, it is worth it to stick it out in an extremely difficult course to the detriment of the other classes you’re enrolled in and other commitments in your life. Though I plan on soldiering on through to end of the semester with my course, as grueling as it may be, I would seriously weigh the pros and cons of taking on such a demanding class again because of this.

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