Ryerson student paper steals $6,614.47

Video: Eyeopener staff expose security weakness

Ryerson’s Eyeopener has a reputation for taking a cheeky, and often combative, approach to covering their university, while still pursuing campus stories vigorously and objectively. Few student publications live up to the mandate of both serving as a training ground for would-be journalists and producing an informed view of university governance and campus life, as well as the Eyeopener does.

Most recently, associate news editor, Brad Whitehouse, risked a criminal record when he stole $6, 614.47 from a Ryerson Tim Horton’s. After deciphering the cash register’s password of 9,8,7,6, Whitehouse had access to the system. “I clicked the multiply button and ordered 5003 small coffees. No one needs that much java, so I tapped the return button, entered my student number and refunded my OneCard for $6,614.47 that I never spent,” he writes.

The next day, he turned himself into security, the money was refunded, and changes are being made so that Whitehouse or a more sinister-minded student won’t be able to “repeat the performance.” The university admits that the password Whitehouse cracked should have never used in the first place.

While I imagine the prank was likely done for giggles, it did highlight a serious security flaw.

The whole thing was videotaped and can be seen below.

The night we stole $6,614.47 from Ryerson from The Eyeopener on Vimeo.

Photo: by Marta Iwanek, The Eyeopener.

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