Study find students most likely to vote NDP

27% say they’re voting NDP; Liberals come in close second

A study published by the Canadian Education Project found that the New Democratic Party was the most favoured by students when asked how they would be voting in the federal election. Of the 1,314 university students surveyed between Apr. 21 and Apr. 27, 27 per cent said they would be voting NDP. The Liberals came in close second, with the support of 25 per cent of those polled, followed by the Conservative Party with 16 per cent, the Green Party with 10 per cent, and the Bloc Quebecois with just two per cent. 21 per cent of the students said they were undecided.

Most of the students surveyed confirmed that they would definitely be heading to the polls May 2, with 76 per cent saying that they were “very likely” to vote, and 10 per cent saying they were “somewhat likely” to vote. Of those who said they would not be voting, little interest in the election was the primary reason for deciding not to cast their ballot.

When divided by sex, female students were more likely to vote NDP or to be undecided, while male students were more likely to vote for the Liberal Party.

Authors of the study found that regionally, Alberta “is perhaps the most interesting province”, with the student vote primarily divided between the NDP and the Conservatives. Alberta was also the province that carried the most support for both parties. Students in Manitoba and Saskatchewan were mostly undecided, while the Liberals were favoured amongst students in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. In Quebec, most students said they would be voting NDP.

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