The On Campus Top 10

Our most read stories of 2010

Listed below in reverse order are the Top 10 most read online education posts for the past year. As with previous years our readers are primarily interested in news and commentary about academic freedom, free speech in universities, faculty strikes and student grades.

10: Carleton profs prepare for strike vote

9: Queen’s Remembrance Day soapbox

8: Rejoicing in Christopher Hitchens’ cancer

7: Toronto’s G20 summit: a failure all around

6: Let Flanagan’s remarks die

5: Your grades will drop

4: Academic freedom at Trinity Western?

3: NSERC bars scientist from receiving grants

2: College strike vote today

1: Ann Coulter went home

Notable posts that just barely missed the Top 10 were: UManitoba–PhD ‘diploma mill’ and The problem with

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