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Université de Montréal 411: Where to find the best cheap lunch and more

A Université de Montréal insider’s perspective on campus life


Université de Montréal student

Unofficial school motto:
‘Got altitude’

Best place for a nap:
During summer, the small hill in Place de la Laurentienne by the law department’s library; in winter, the sofas in the Arts and Humanities Library or your student association’s room

Université de Montréal student

Best cheap lunch:
Student café in the André Aisenstadt Building

Best hangover breakfast:
Blanche Neige (serves breakfast at all hours and is open 24 hours on weekends), Chez Valère’s morning special in the Jean Brillant Building or a poutine from Frite Alors!

Favourite watering hole:
McCarold’s Pub if you’re feeling vaguely responsible, La Maisonnée if not (karaoke included)

Perks of living in this town:
Festivals, nightlife, abundance of greenery, poutine

Best place to study:
One of the many beautiful libraries on campus (or La Maisonnée)

Weirdest tradition:
A huge, annual, all-night party on the second floor of the Jean Brillant Building with alcohol and DJs (weird but awesome)

Best campus event:
The kickoff live show in September, hosted by the Federation of Student Associations

Best giveaway:
Free fries with each pitcher of beer at Pizza Fiore (select days only)

Best live music venue:
Venture away from campus and go to: L’Escogriffe, Quai des Brumes, La Sala Rossa, Casa del Popolo, L’Escalier, Brutopia, TRH-Bar

University Insider: Lelag Vosguian, 22, French and English


Montreal is to some extent a city of contradiction: highly ambitious and forward-thinking, but irrevocably nostalgic; young and driven, but hopelessly romantic. Being a place where diverse people have come together to converse and coexist, Montreal is a unique place where much discourse revolves around the mingling of two dominant histories, cultures and ideals in a francophone province, which is, in turn, the exception in a predominantly English-speaking bilingual country.

PROFILE: Université de Montréal | Montreal, Que. | Founded 1878

The Université de Montréal (UdeM) has its own contradictions. Situated in the heart of the bustling Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce districts and close to the downtown area, it’s also near the iconic Saint Joseph Oratory, a place of tradition. And while the university is an academic space where different ideas and perspectives come together to move forward as a whole, its main campus is located on the northwest slope of Mount Royal, the immutable main landmark of the city.

The mountain adds a lot to the UdeM experience. Visiting our springtime waterfalls, observing forest animals or admiring the impressive stand of oak are just a few of the unusual experiences it offers. Located in the heart of the city, UdeM offers a unique experience combining city and nature, hard work and recreation, and past and present to shape strong-minded and reasonable citizens for our collective future.

Like most universities, the UdeM offers an array of cool extracurricular activities, including guest lecturers, foreign film screenings and a fun-filled introductory week for new students. What is particularly exciting, though, is that campus life can be whatever you want it to be: by participating in your program’s student association, you can launch an event or a project such as a co-op, an online magazine or a party. Most programs host a weekly cinq à sept and the Federation of Student Associations organizes many events throughout the year, including career days and the winter carnival.

Local Vibe
Montreal offers residents and visitors a playground where you can do almost anything. Despite the weather, there is always a festival happening at which people of all ages can have an unforgettable experience, often for free. They include the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs, Montréal en Lumière, the Piknic Électronik, the weekly “tam-tams” drumming events in Mount Royal Park, Igloofest, Nuit Blanche, the World Film Festival, the beer festival, the Mural Festival, the Burlesque Festival, the food and drink event La Grand Dégustation and the music celebration M for Montreal, but there’s even more going on.

The Skinny
The student services website is www.sae.umontreal.ca. For the Federation of Student Associations, go to www.faecum.qc.ca