Université de Montréal: student life on campus

An insider's guide to the best place to nap, live music venue and more

The 411

If I wrote the school motto:
“Better than UQAM!”
Best fancy meal:
Les Enfants Terribles, on top of Montreal’s highest high rise, has an unmatched combination of fine dining and Instagram-worthy views
Best cheap lunch:
Café Math-Info has sandwiches priced for less than $4
Best hangover breakfast:
Le Vieux Vélo
Best bar for hanging out:
Best pizza:
Pizza Show
Best place to live:
There are student dorms on campus but the Côte-des-Neiges area around the university has a lot of student-priced apartments
Best place to nap:
Your student association is sure to have a very nappable couch
Best place to study:
The Bibliothèque des sciences, lettres et arts is great. It has seven floors of well-windowed study area.
Best live music venue:
Théâtre Fairmount, a bit east in the Mile End area, is a really spectacular music venue
Best campus food:
Local Local
Best campus event:
The Party du 2e, a biannual party on the second floor of the 3200 Jean-Brillant building
Weirdest tradition:
Every winter the university has the Carnaval d’hiver, an inter-association competition
What surprised me most about the school:
Some of the older, more beautiful classrooms are really impressive

PROFILE: Université de Montréal | Montreal, Que. | Founded 1878

Nestled on the hillside of Mount Royal, the Université de Montréal campus is unexpectedly picturesque. Lush greenery enfolds a bunch of studious-looking buildings. Above it all looms the tall—and suggestively shaped—tower of the Roger-Gaudry building. Inside the buildings, there’s a lively student life. And walk a few minutes from campus and you’ll be experiencing one of Canada’s most vibrant cities. That is what U de M offers; the peace of a traditional campus cloistered within a busy city. The best of both worlds, you could say.

Aside from its unique setting, the university has a rich research tradition spanning a wide array of fields. There are noteworthy programs in many disciplines, from law, medicine, pharmacy, the pure sciences and humanities. Many departments have weekly public lectures by professors and invited guests. Student organizations host many academic and career-oriented activities, so you have plenty of opportunities to further your learning. There is a strong contingent of international students, especially from France.

If you would rather hone your social skills, perhaps the student federation (FAÉCUM) has something for you. Students here don’t shy away from a night out and Montreal has all the nightlife you’ll want. Even within the quiet of our campus, the FAÉCUM turns it way up at the start of every semester with shows, parties and competitions. The school year opens with the Spectacle de la rentrée, a show often featuring some of Quebec’s biggest emerging artists.

After Class
The university boasts many student-run initiatives. The student journal Quartier Libre covers many U de M stories, while CISM, the university’s radio station, is known throughout the city as a hub for underground music lovers.
There are workshops on cinema, photography, theatre, music and a lot more. You can also rent equipment and rooms for your own projects. In addition, the university presents high-quality plays by its theatre troupes. Ciné-Campus, the university’s cinema, offers cheap screenings, sometimes accompanied by talks with a film’s director.

Local Vibe
If you haven’t heard, Montreal is an exciting place. Every artery is dotted with cafés and dives. There are festivities year-round­—people here aren’t scared of the cold weather. In the summer, things really heat up with a barrage of festivals. You can attend a show twice a week if that’s your thing.
Montreal is a multilingual, multicultural city that finds new ways to entertain you at every street corner.

More Info
Be sure to visit the FAÉCUM’s website to discover more about U de M’s student activities.