University of British Columbia: student life on campus

Where to find the best hangover breakfast, place to study and more

The 411

If I wrote the school motto: “Only skip class if it’s a beautiful day out’”
Best place for a nap: In the basement of the Koerner Library—the books will insulate your snores
Best cheap lunch: The Delly in the Nest has some great curries, wraps, sandwiches and salads, almost all of which are under $10
Best hangover breakfast: Nelly’s Grill
Best bar for hanging out: I owe the Gallery Patio and Lounge for many memorable bar-going experiences
Best campus food: A platter from Jamjar brightens my day no matter what
Best campus event: Storm the Wall is great for the weirdos who like climbing big walls
Best campus giveaway:While not a true freebie, Community Eats is a by-donation lunch. All you need to bring is your own container.
Weirdest tradition: The Undie Run
Best pizza: Uncle Fatih’s reigns supreme in the world of Vancouver pizza
Best place to study: The upper floors of Koerner Library
Best place to live: Kitsilano has an amazing culture and is still nice and close to campus
If I could change one thing about the school: The rain! It’s very easy to go a few days (or weeks) without seeing a sunny day.

PROFILE: The University of British Columbia | Vancouver, B.C. | Founded 1908

You’ve certainly heard about UBC: the beautiful mountain views, the proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the temperate climate all make for an appealing package for university. But UBC is much more than its beautiful surroundings. The so-called “UBC bubble” has created a city-within-a-city that is a centre for world-class academics, culture and entertainment.

UBC is one of the most international schools in North America, with a massive amount of students from all over the world. Partly because of this, the school has hundreds of clubs and organizations that encompass almost any interest. From fencing to psychedelics, there’s a club for anyone looking to find their community at UBC. Student organizations are also what make the campus culture so interesting—some clubs can draw hundreds of students to their events and shows.

Located in Vancouver’s westernmost neighbourhood, the campus is separated from the city’s hustle. A stroll through the natural beauty of Pacific Spirit Park or a clothing-optional dip in the Pacific Ocean at Wreck Beach are only a short walk away. But one can also easily jump on the bus and experience all the strange fun of Vancouver, which includes amazing coffee, engaging live shows and yoga so challenging that it that will make you reevaluate the word “namaste.”

UBC is the best university on the West Coast (Sorry VIU, SFU and UVIC) and, in my experience, the best place to find your niche, meet some fellow weirdos and go to the beach.

After Class
UBC relishes in its zany events. In a given year, there will be 100-person snowball fights, early morning Christmas carols sung drunkenly by engineering students and a week-long event where teams of students try to scramble over a 12-foot wall. If getting wild isn’t your thing, UBC is a great place to experience the outdoors in-between classes. My favourite easy-to-reach places include the Stanley Park Rose and Nitobe Memorial gardens. If being in a room with a bunch of drunk comedy lovers is more your thing, check out a show by UBC Improv every second Friday night.

Local Vibe
Vancouver has some of the best hiking, skiing and mountain biking destinations in Canada. Whistler, the world-class ski town, is just a two-hour drive away, while smaller ski hills like Cypress and Grouse are just outside the city. If you’d rather not spend your time on a mountain, Vancouver has several neighbourhoods oozing with character that are great places to explore, including Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant and Gastown.

More Info
I would be remiss if I didn’t plug the Ubyssey, UBC’s student-run paper.