University of Lethbridge: Student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to live, campus food and more

Kianna Turner, 22
Psychology, sociology and anthropology

Kianna Turner (Courtesy of Kianna Turner)

Why did you choose Lethbridge?
When I was choosing a school, class size was the primary deciding factor. I wanted to ensure that I would have the chance to get to know my professors and engage in research opportunities. The warmer weather in Lethbridge and the beautiful coulees were also appealing.

Describe some of your best experiences so far.
I was happy to be back on campus for in-person classes during the fall 2021 semester. It was exciting and more engaging to learn in person again. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to be a research assistant. I got to live in Calgary and then Red Deer while we collected survey data in various parks throughout the two cities. It was a great learning opportunity, and it introduced me to some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of academic research.

Are you involved in extracurricular activities?
I love to join clubs; however, I found there was a lack of options for extracurricular activities and a lack of information about them. On top of that, most were not very active. COVID precautions were partly responsible. On a positive note, there are a lot of opportunities for applied and independent studies.

What do you think of your professors?
Most of my professors have been gems. Obviously, some professors don’t put as much effort into their teaching style and prefer to focus on their research. Still, I would say that most of the professors that I have had are approachable and supportive. I love it when they share their passion for the subject they are teaching, and are not afraid to show their personal quirks and demonstrate empathy toward students when needed.

What do you think of the school’s administration?
When dealing with any financial or registration matters, I found considerable red tape. It isn’t always easy to get into the courses you need and want; if you end up getting into all of your top choices, consider yourself lucky. The university could benefit from being more transparent and listening to students’ concerns.

What is off-campus life like in Lethbridge?
If you love being outdoors, Lethbridge may be for you. If you are a social butterfly looking for nightlife, Lethbridge will not be for you. It’s also relatively far from any major cities. There are beautiful green spaces and hiking trails throughout the city. Waterton, Wally’s Beach and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump are in close driving proximity to Lethbridge and worth visiting for a day trip.

PROFILE: University of Lethbridge | Lethbridge, Alta. | Founded 1967

If I wrote the school motto: ‘Let there be wind’
Best place to live: West side, off-campus
Best place to study: Overlooking the coulees outside of UHall when it’s warm outside
Best campus events: Last semester, they had an outdoor performance by the Chubby Cree hand drum group and a Sandra Lamouche hoop dance
Weirdest tradition: Rubbing the nose of the pronghorn statue in the entrance of the library before taking an exam
Best campus food: Baadshah Royal East Indian Cuisine or Tivoli
Best place for a fancy dinner: Firestone Restaurant and Bar
Best bar for hanging out: Telegraph Taphouse or the Place Arcade Bar
Best live music venue: Owl Acoustic Lounge
Best place for a nap: Pool bleachers
The thing that surprised me most about the school: Many students I’ve talked to express how isolated they’ve felt here in the past couple of years. Students seem to focus on their assignments while at school or stick with the friend groups they came with from high school.
If I could change one thing about the school: I’d like to see the university focus more on building an environment that prioritizes personal development, a passion for academic exploration and freedom, and betterment of individuals and society

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