University of Manitoba: student life on campus

An insider's guide to the best campus food, bar for hanging out, place to live and more

The 411

If I wrote the school motto:
“We may not be the best, but we’re one of the cheapest”
Best hangover breakfast:
Best cheap lunch:
Pembina Hall’s cafeteria. You might spend $12 but it’s a buffet.
Best pizza:
A Little Pizza Heaven lives up to its name
Best bar for hanging out:
The Hub Social Club
Best campus food:
I love the burgers at the Belltower Café in St. Paul’s College
Best place to study:
Third floor in the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, outside of the Icelandic Reading Room. The higher up you go in Dafoe, the quieter it gets.
Best place for a nap:
The Faculty of Arts student lounge
Weirdest tradition:
Walking through University Centre and avoiding UMSU election campaigners during election season
Best place to live:
The Richmond West area. It is easily accessible by bus and is close to a grocery store.
Best campus event:
Orientation week. We have free stuff and a dunk tank.
What surprised me most about the school:
A lot of people spend more time on the bus than in class
The one thing I’d change about the school:
I’d add more tunnels to connect more of the buildings

PROFILE: University of Manitoba | Winnipeg, Man. | Founded 1877

The University of Manitoba’s main campus is a city within a city, organized around the administration offices with plenty of green space between buildings. Located in the Fort Garry neighbourhood, the campus even has its own fitness centre, restaurants, coffee shops and study spots. Students come to the school from across Canada and around the world to prosper in their own fields of interest. Through research at institutions like the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, we are working to make change in communities throughout Canada.

The U of M community works to support its students. Through the student union, you can get health and dental care, while career services help students figure out their employment options and start them along their path. You can also join groups and clubs of like-minded people. Options like the photography club allow students to acquire more useful skills.

Our undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to take their classroom lessons and apply them at conferences and competitions. Some faculties even offer funding for students to pursue their own side projects. Classes in first year tend to be large, but friendly instructors, professors, teaching assistants and writing tutors still provide individualized help.

After Class
There’s always something to do on campus. You can catch a play during the Black Hole Theatre’s season, attend exercise classes at the Active Living Centre or enjoy a nice coffee date at Degrees. If you just want to hang out with some of your new friends, you can grab a drink at the Hub or play pool at IQ’s.

Local Vibe
Winnipeg is a vibrant city with great people. From sports to the arts, you can attend many different events around the city. In summer, festivals like Folklorama celebrate a variety of cultures while Fringe Fest brings together both comedic and dramatic works for public enjoyment. One of our most popular events is the Red River Exhibition, where you can play fair games and enjoy a few amusement rides. In winter, you can skate across the Red River, take pictures at the ice castles and eat maple taffy at Festival du Voyageur.

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