University of New Brunswick: student life on campus

An insider's guide to the best hangover breakfast, campus event and more

The 411

Best place for a nap:
The third floor of the Harriet Irving Library
Best cheap lunch:
The Student Union Building Marketplace
Best hangover breakfast:
Claudine’s Eatery. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good options for breakfast on campus.
Best campus food:
The chicken parmesan sandwich at the Cellar, although the Fatty Fatty Grilled Cheese is a close second
Best bar for hanging out:
The Cellar Pub & Grill
Best place to live:
The apartment buildings on College Hill Road
Best place to study:
The Lord Beaverbrook Room in the Harriet Irving Library, but please don’t tell anyone—there aren’t many seats
Best pizza:
Milda’s Pizzas
Best campus event:
Winter Carnival
Best live music venue:
The Capital Complex
Best giveaway:
UNB’s free-first-year tuition contest
Unofficial school motto:
Weirdest tradition:
The Harrison House Pumpkin Sacrifice
If I wrote the school motto:
“Where your professors know your name. . . or at least your student number”
The one thing that surprised me about the school:
The number of clubs, societies and extracurricular activities offered. For such a small university, there really is something for everyone.

PROFILE: University of New Brunswick | Fredericton and Saint John, N.B. | Founded 1785

The University of New Brunswick is a small school with an absurdly charming campus located just outside the downtown core of Fredericton. The university is the oldest English-language university in Canada, having been founded in 1785.
While the campus’s age is evident from its iconic brick buildings, the university has generally done a good job of modernizing while retaining its unique aesthetic. The most notable example is the new, state-of-the-art kinesiology facility that opened last year.

If the physical beauty of UNB’s campus is what attracts new students, its small class sizes, caring professors and laid-back atmosphere are what usually keeps them here. The university does have a reputation as a party school, but the administration has proposed a new “community standards” policy that would limit the sale of alcohol on campus to two drinks per person. It’s currently unclear if this policy will be implemented or changed—unsurprisingly, the proposal has been met with significant pushback—but this ongoing push for a more restrictive alcohol-consumption policy is something to keep in mind.

No matter who you are, you will almost certainly be able to find a club or society that suits your personality and interests. Combine that with UNB’s friendly, small-school vibe and you get a place where meeting people and making friends is nearly unavoidable.

After Class
The Cellar Pub and the College Hill Social Club will become two of your favourite locations on campus, regardless of whether they will be allowed to sell you more than two drinks in the future. The Cellar is easily your best option for buying food at UNB, offering above-average pub grub that stands head and shoulders above other options on campus. Both the Cellar and S Club are conveniently located in the Student Union Building, close to most residence buildings. (My condolences to those living at the bottom of the hill in Lady Beaverbrook Residence.)

Local Vibe
Fredericton is a small, picturesque city of fewer than 60,000 people. Its skyline is dominated by church steeples. It could be described as a sleepy and conservative town, but there is much more to it. In particular, Fredericton has an excellent local music scene highlighted by the popular Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival. There’s also the Shivering Songs Festival, where churches, markets and so forth are converted into intimate and unique concert venues. The town, also known as “Freddy Beach,” is home to a thriving craft beer industry with many great microbreweries scattered throughout the city.

More Info
The Brunswickan will keep you up to date on all the news and events on campus and in the community.