Wilfrid Laurier University: student life on campus

An insider's guide to the best place to study, weirdest tradition and more

The 411

Best place for a nap:
A cubicle on one of the upper floors of the library (as long as you don’t snore)
Best hangover breakfast:
Wilf’s. Order the Hungry Hawk meal and you’ll be cured.
Best cheap lunch:
Definitely the Pub on King. Every single meal on their menu is only $5, so you can’t get anything much cheaper than that.
Favourite campus food:
Wilf’s spin dip added to anything from a grilled cheese sandwich to an order of fries
Best pizza:
A hotly debated topic, but you can’t go wrong with a dinner date at Famoso
Best bar for hanging out:
Pin Up Arcade Bar, since you can engage in a fun social activity and drink while you do it
Best place to live:
Many students seem to agree on King’s Court Residence
Best place to study:
If you really want to get things done, go to the seventh floor of the library. It’s called “Silent Seven” for a reason, so you’ll definitely be able to focus.
Weirdest tradition:
Being told not to “step on the hawk,” and if you do, you have to kiss it in front of everyone
Best campus event:
Homecoming or our notorious St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on Ezra Street
Best campus giveaway:
The endless amount of stuff from O-Week
Best live music venue:
The Jane Bond is a unique little venue with fun vibes for a night out
If I could change one thing about the school:
The Wi-Fi

PROFILE: Wilfrid Laurier University | Waterloo, Ont. | Founded 1911

Wilfrid Laurier University may be best known for its acclaimed business program, but it also offers options suited to a wide range of academic interests and career paths. The school has co-op programs, internships and international experiences; it also has an enthusiastic group of spirited, party-loving students. We’ll defend WLU to our dying day—especially against Western—but love poking fun at ourselves just as much.

It would be hard to find a post-secondary environment as welcoming to its students. A benefit of the tight-knit community is the chance to interact with faculty and other students more often than at a larger school. Class sizes aren’t too overwhelming, and you’ll feel like a person rather than a number. The campus itself is also small and easy to navigate.

In the spring, mildly aggressive geese will likely block your path on the way to class. To balance this, there are also dozens of service dogs being trained on campus at any moment. Soak up the puppy sightings while waiting in the never-ending Tim Hortons line. Or use that time to review your notes for the next class—you’ll need it.

After Class
WLU offers endless opportunities for students to expand their academic and co-curricular interests. With over 200 clubs and associations, you’ll be overwhelmed with the opportunities on offer. You can flex your charisma and music knowledge by hosting your own on-air show with Radio Laurier, take a chance and submit an essay to Laurier’s competitive Undergraduate Journal of the Arts, or showcase your inner Gordon Ramsay with Spoon Laurier. If you have a passion, Laurier has a club for it.

Local Vibe
Waterloo has proudly evolved over the years to accommodate the university crowds that inhabit the city. Uptown is transforming into a student-friendly area with plenty of places to enjoy a Caesar and a good burger during our beloved patio season. There are also cozy little cafés that are perfect for studying, and quirky neighbourhood gems like Orange Monkey Music and the Princess Cinemas. Our lovingly mocked transit system, which survived countless construction delays, can finally transport people freely from point A to point B without much of a hitch.

More Info
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