Wilfrid Laurier University: student tips for surviving life on campus

The best campus food, watering hole, place to nap and more
Manjot Bhullar
Wilfrid Laurier girls soccer

Wilfrid Laurier girls soccer

University Insider: Manjot Bhullar, 22, Accounting

Best place for a nap: Honestly, at home. Unless you can snag one of the few sleep pods in the library, you can never recharge quite as well as in the privacy of your own room.
Best hangover breakfast: Mel’s Diner
Favourite campus food: Loaded fries from Wilf’s
Favourite watering hole: Phil’s
Perks of living in this town: There are several post-secondary institutions, which makes for a lively city atmosphere even outside of academics
Best place to study: The science building, for sure—its many study spaces and large trees help create a comfortable atmosphere. Oh, and having a Tim Hortons in the building doesn’t hurt.
Worst place to study: Comes down to preference, but for me it’s the library. It puts me to sleep within an hour.
Weirdest tradition: To not step on ‘the Hawk’— kind of odd, but best not to ask too many questions
Best campus event: Look out for some great concerts put on by the student union, and Dirty Bingo hosted by Radio Laurier
Best live music venue: Starlight, Maxwell’s
Best spectator sport: In recent years, football games have never disappointed!
Most notorious bus route: Any route that overlaps with the recent construction around King Street and surrounding streets
Best cultural event: Oktoberfest definitely draws a big crowd, and St. Paddy’s of course

PROFILE: Wilfrid Laurier University | Waterloo, Ont. | Founded 1911

Wilfrid Laurier University built its identity around its successful business program, but it now provides solid programs in the arts and sciences. Being close to the world-renowned tech community in Waterloo gives students from all disciplines access to lucrative job opportunities without the hefty housing prices of other major hubs in the country.

WLU is filled to the brim with on-campus clubs and associations, so you’ll find your fit in no time. Take time to show up for the Get Involved fair each September, where organizations like Wilfrid Laurier’s student publications will feed your Carrie Bradshaw-inspired writing dreams, alongside charities such as Right To Play and Heart and Stroke Foundation, and even academic clubs to help further your career.

Wilfrid Laurier University clubs and associations are always cooking up fun and creative events to get students involved on campus, ranging from Dirty Bingo to Bubble Soccer to countless conferences. There are also many excursions to help you meet as many new faces as possible. As the appeal of our university continues to grow, I can only imagine how the school will transform over your four short years.

Local Vibe
Unlike students at other universities who find themselves yearning for more than what’s available in their city, Waterloo has embraced the student population and transformed itself into everything young people could want from a city. It has become a popular tour stop for many artists and musicians, and hosts many festivals to bring the community together. Local residents intertwine seamlessly with the ever-changing student population. There are always things to do, so don’t worry about your Instagram account failing to attract followers while you’re in school.

The Skinny
The Cord: The WLU campus newspaper covers all the campus news to keep students informed.
@SpottedLaurier: This Twitter account covers much of the student conversation that can be summarized in 280 characters or less. From missed connections to breaking news to complaining to a group of largely unimpressed upper years about your terrible mid-term, this account has it all.