10 Tweets from #QP Live

The best from today's live commentary

10 Tweets from #QP Live

Storified by Maclean’s Magazine · Thu, Dec 06 2012 12:10:55

And now I will tweet my way through Question Period. Practice tweet: "Oh! Oh! Take your hands off his throat!"Paul Wells
Well, #QP is calm today, but sort of passive-aggressive. Who knows how long this will last.kevin harding
I do hope these questions on violence against women aren’t disturbing Jason Kenney’s newspaper reading time. #QPkady o’malley
I’d like to see mentions of "violence against women" in #QP charted over time. Not to show today’s spike, but every other day’s dearth.Nick Taylor-Vaisey
Rae didn’t just suggest the government might stoop to sneaking out the F-35 report in the pre-Christmas nobody-cares period, did he? #QPJohn Geddes
Once again, we get four more questions on the same topic after a clear answer was given. Seriously, MPs – ditch your scripts. #QP #cdnpoliDale Smith-Journo
I feel like the government’s response to every question in #QP is ‘we get it, you don’t, so shut up about it already.’ #cdnpoIiJamie Nichols
There better be some violence at the end of #QP or else media will be mighty disappointed #cdnpoli #HOCBrawlDavid DesBaillets
If you suspected Canada would not welcome Assad using chemical weapons against the Syrian people, you’re right.Paul Wells
Nice question by @bobraeMP and reply by @HonJohnBaird on Syria’s concerns #wecangetalong #QPClaudia Lemire