Video: Sustainalytics' Heather Lang responds to CSR's naysayers

Think corporate social responsibility is just white-washing companies use to make themselves look better? Or that corporations should focus on profits rather than feel-good philanthropy? Heather Lang has heard it all before. In these videos the Sustainalytics’ research director for North America responds to the naysayers and addresses some questions inspired by comments Maclean’s readers left about last year’s survey.

Introduction: How has corporate social responsibility evolved?

From the naysayers: Isn’t corporate social responsibility just PR ploy?

rom the naysayers: Shouldn’t companies leave charity work to NGOs and focus on profits?

From the readers: Why doesn’t your ranking include credit unions and coops?

From the readers: Some of the companies in your list rely on cheap labour from developing countries. Why did you pick them?

Finally: Can you give us some highlights from year’s ranking?