370 die on the deadliest day so far in Syrian uprising

The government's military assault on the opposition appears to be escalating

Saturday was the deadliest day of the Syrian uprising Ya Libnan reports. At least 370 people were reported dead, say opposition activists, after the Assad government re-seized Aleppo, a commercially and culturally vibrant area around Damascus.

The government’s military assault on the opposition appears to be escalating, with indiscriminate bombs and rockets being fired into civilian areas.

More than 10 missiles landed in Idlib province on Saturday, as planes opened fire with machine guns, the LCC said. Meanwhile, residents in Aleppo endured “intense aerial shelling” by a regime warplane Saturday, the group said.

President Bashar al-Assad’s government had a different take on the situation, with state-run news reporting saying “Armed forces continue pursuing terrorists in Aleppo and its countryside, armed forces destroy seven cars equipped with machine guns, kill terrorists and seize their weapons.”

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