60-year-old Calgarian gives birth to twins

Even her specialist wonders if it's a good idea

Ranjit Hayer, 60, gave birth to twin sons on Tuesday, by C-section, seven weeks early, at the Foothills Hospital. After the L.A. octuplets, the births raise ethical questions even for Hayer’s specialist, the CBC reports. “We can do so much but the question is, should we do it just because we can do it?” said obstetrician Dr. Colin Birch. Hayer returned to India, where she is originally from, last year for in vitro fertilization (she had been turned down in Canada because of her age). Birch performed the C-section after Hayer began bleeding earlier this week; the CBC reports the bleeding was so bad doctors had to remove her uterus. “I couldn’t imagine if I was 65 having two five-year-olds running around crazily,” says Birch. “The energy to do that is incredible.”

CBC News