60-year-old dad at home, watching the news

Joyous new Calgary papa is perplexed by coverage

Calgary Herald columnist Valerie Fortney yesterday got an inside look on the family of 60-year-old Ranjit Hayer, who on Tuesday gave birth to twin sons. News of Hayer’s IVF treatment in India and subsequent complications in Canada, which nevertheless left her the oldest woman in Canada to bare children, didn’t play well in some quarters yesterday. “God has given me boys later in life—I want to throw a big party,” Jagir, the 60-year-old father, told Fortney. “But as we watch the lunchtime news together,” Fortney writes, “his face contorts as he listens to the reporter use words like ‘ethics’ and ‘controversy.’ He becomes visibly distressed, and begins to tell us, ‘No news, no news.'”

Calgary Herald