9-year-old girl football player featured on Wheaties box

Samantha Gordon, a nine-year-old girl who plays football in Utah, is the latest face to grace the Wheaties box.

Samantha shot to fame after her father posted a Youtube video of her peewee football performance where she runs past the other players on her all-boys team to score a touchdown.

She was awarded with the box during an appearance on Good Morning America Wednesday.

In an interview, Samantha told SportsCentre she was inspired to play after doing some drills with her older brother. “I thought hey, maybe I could play, too and I tried out and I made it on the team,” she says.

Samantha, who earned the nickname “Sweet Feet” for her agility, doesn’t even like football the best, she goes on say that soccer is her favourite sport.

While Sam has her own Wheaties box, her face won’t be staring anyone down at breakfast. General Mills Inc. says that the box is one-of-a-kind and is manufactured just for Samantha. It won’t be sold in stores.

The original video that catapulted Samantha into the spotlight had nearly two million views before being removed from Youtube. This mashup of the young football star has more than one million views.