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A Halo over the U.S. election

The moment we’ve been waiting for …


A Halo over the U.S. election

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November 6th was circled on so many calenders around the world, but not all were for the same reasons. Many would think the U.S. election would be the only thing on peoples minds, but Tuesday was also a big day for video game fans in America. In fact, the release of the futuristic shooting game Halo 4 for XBOX 360 may have taken centre stage over politics for a select group of gamers.
The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The day is finally here. We’ve waited 4 long years. The election? No. Halo 4.Jason Cotton
in honor of Election Day + Halo 4, i present your Commander in Master Chief http://pic.twitter.com/kmQbXQCHᴘɪssʀɪғʟᴇ
What I’m gathering from my social media feeds right now is that Halo 4 is more important than the election!! HahahhahaaLexi Mathioudakis
Though some were skeptical of Microsoft’s choice to release the game on such an important day, perhaps keeping the youth distracted.
It was socially irresponsible for Microsoft to release Halo 4 on Election Day. PLEASE STOP PLAYING HALO & VOTE. #election2012A N I Z
Xbox conveniently releases Halo 4 on Election Day. #HowToKeepStupidPeopleFromVotingDrunken Philosopher
Voting is cool and all. But today’s release of Halo 4 really casts a shadow over this election.Stu Bickel
Could Halo 4’s funding be secretly GOP based, keeping all those voting-aged gamers occupied all launch (election) day? #butnotreallyMatthew Mercer
Halo 4 is trending on twitter during the election of our country. We need to get our priorities straight.William Salvi
11.6.12 is Halo 4 day, but it’s also Election Day! Master Chief reminds you to get out and vote! http://bit.ly/YDJ01X http://pic.twitter.com/Nez0RskzEZXboxVIP
To the credit of the youth, some were able to multitask the election and gaming night.
Halo 4 release and the Presidential Election on the same day? Challenge accepted. http://pic.twitter.com/nrvxKOwNBert Brogden
Halo 4 and election results like… Tons of my other friends on Twitter. http://pic.twitter.com/aRISsLJXИлай Ходапп
Boyfriend just told me I’m number 3 priority to Halo 4 and the election tonight. #excusemeAmy Johnson
What’s with all this election talk? Its like people don’t even realize halo 4 came out today!Luke Gamertsfelder
Even one news station missed an important date on their calender: Halo 4, yes; election night, no.
Unless Obama and Romney are playable characters in Halo 4, I think they might have missed a story here. http://pic.twitter.com/gNtgkAWACheryl Steighner
Don’t know why all this election talk is flooding twitter…halo 4 came out today #prioritiesJamez Randle
Obama getting his copy of Halo 4 http://pic.twitter.com/Ttvzx2wtJ_Waad
it’s election AND halo day so everybody go complain about the military and the senselessness of war and then buy a game that glorifies itJay Satellite