A new opposition?

Rumoured Tory defections to the Wildrose would change the landscape of Alberta politics

The Edmonton Journal‘s Trish Audette today relays a tidbit of gossip from the frequently reliable Alberta Scan, a newsletter issued by veteran Alberta political observer Paul McLoughlin. This morsel echoes what a lot of us have been hearing for weeks—that a good many Alberta Tories are so upset about Premier Ed Stelmach’s stewardship that they’re willing to cross the floor to join the Wildrose Alliance. All that they’re waiting for is the Oct. 17 conclusion of a leadership race. Should candidate Danielle Smith beat far-right social conservative Mark Dyrholm and capture the leadership, as many as 10 Tories may join the upstart conservative party, catapulting the Wildrose into position as the province’s new opposition.

Edmonton Journal

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