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A tardy Justin Bieber disappoints Beliebers (and parents) at London concert


Canadian teen pop idol Justin Bieber appears to be testing his fans’ adoration. The 19-year-old singer started a London concert last night nearly two hours late.

As parents made their way to the venue expecting to pick up their kids, the show was just getting started.

According to the BBC, one fan reports that they just kept playing Michael Jackson songs while the audience waited for Bieber to come on stage.

“Everyone was on edge and as more time passed, everyone was getting more worried and booing,” said the fan.

A parent told the BBC that after a few parents went to the information desk to complain, they were told that it was out of the venue’s hands. ‘It’s just Justin Bieber’s production team’.

“We said that was all well and good, but most of us have to get trains… it was just a shambles. I said we’ve really got to leave at 10.50pm to get the last train.”

Another parent tweeted that his daughter was inconsolable after seeing just 15 minutes of Bieber before she had to leave to catch the last train home.

Andy Ward, who waited for his daughter outside the arena until after midnight, told the BBC that kids were crying and that organizers did nothing to communicate to the audience when Bieber’s show would start.

He said: “Needless to say I am sure that Justin Bieber is resting, sleeping and counting his millions with not even a care in the world for the inconvenience caused; the tears of the girls who had to leave even before he came on due to having to get the last trains home; the additional expense of car parking, taxis and the knock-on effect today.”

Although the venue apologized on Bieber’s behalf, the singer waited until morning to explain his tardiness to angry parents and disappointed fans and seemed to suggest that the situation had been exaggerated by the press.






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