Alberta Grits consider ditching Liberal brand

Rookie leader David Swann may rebrand the party

Last month, the Alberta Liberals elected a new leader, and the change couldn’t have come quicker. The beleaguered party had actually looked good to capture more seats in last year’s provincial elections, but were instead cut down to half their previous strength in the legislature. The party’s problems are myriad (debt, a lack of vision)–but at least one is subject to change: its name. Now rookie leader David Swann may rebrand the party. “Half of the people that come to me about wanting to change the government and create a more accountable government are saying the name is part of (our) liability,” Swann tells the Calgary Herald’s Renata D’Aliesio. “‘You are associated so strongly with the federal Liberals, with taking from Alberta, with the National Energy Program.’ It’s not helping us.”

Calgary Herald