Provincial election takes a satirical turn with the creation of Alberta's Wild Boar Party—led by Smith Daniels -

Provincial election takes a satirical turn with the creation of Alberta’s Wild Boar Party—led by Smith Daniels


It’s safe to say that Albertans will choose between the Progressive Conservatives of Alison Redford and the libertarian-leaning Wild Rose Party led by Danielle Smith when they head to the polls April 23 to vote in their provincial election.

But now there’s a bold new political party in Alberta, one that promises to “obliterate” the “left wing communist Wild Rose and PC parties” with their electoral platform, which has a distinct, Stephen Colbert flair.

It’s called the Wild Boar Party, led by the cheekily named Smith Daniels, who told the National Post that the biggest threat to Alberta comes from Scandinavia—what with all their social democratic ideals—and that the Boars think the Long Gun Registry should be brought back. But only to ensure that all Albertans are adequately armed.

The Wild Boar Party also wants to “weaponize” the Rockies (“they have been doing nothing for far too long”), rename the oil sands the “Freedom sands,” and annex a corridor through British Columbia to lay down the Northern Gateway pipeline to the West Coast. Paradoxically—and impossibly—they also want to physically separate Alberta from the rest of Canada.

But the best platform policy may be their belief in “truly small government.” They won’t run candidates that stand over five feet tall, “on their hind legs.”


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