Alex Chilton dies -

Alex Chilton dies

Influential rock star was 59


Alex Chilton, the veteran rock musician who had a big influence on the pop music from the ’60s onward, died yesterday in New Orleans at the age of 59, from what is thought to be a heart attack. As a teenager, Chilton enjoyed a number one hit with his group The Box Tops; in the ’70s, the guitarist/singer/songwriter joined the group Big Star, where he co-wrote many songs including “In the Street,” which was used as the theme song for That ’70s Show. Chilton’s work with Big Star became a big influence on many other bands; in 1987, the band The Replacements recorded a song called “Alex Chilton” as a tribute to him. In the 1980s, Chilton moved to New Orleans and started a solo career with a more jazz-based style.

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