Alex Jones sounds off on Piers Morgan Tonight -

Alex Jones sounds off on Piers Morgan Tonight

Hot air and a heated argument on CNN


Alex Jones sounds off on Piers Morgan Tonight

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Americans are passionate about their second amendment—the right to bear arms—so when CNN’s Piers Morgan came out saying he’s in favour of banning military-style assault weapons, radio host Alex Jones started a petition to the White House to deport Piers Morgan.” With more than 100,000 signatures on the petition, Jones was the feature interview on Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday. It was a made-for-TV event, in which some called Jones “passionate,” though more called his on-air tirade “crazy.” Whatever you call it, Twitter was full of opinions.
Total loon Alex Jones on Piers Morgan right now. Great TV for all the wrong reasons.Mike Cormack
"You’re a very loud man. You are making a lot of noise." – Piers Morgan to Alex Jones #lmaoIsabel
Bravo #AlexJones:Punching out CNN Presstitute Piers Morgan. Check it outGerald Celente
I’m going to have to watch this Piers Morgan interview when I get home, aren’t I?Justin Ling
Here is part 1. Skip to 6:28 for the introduction of Alex Jones.
Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight – Second Amendment Debate – 1/7/13 – Part 1arsonomics
Alex Jones is now speaking in a fake British accent to mock Piers Morgan. This is the best thing to ever appear on television.allisonkilkenny
" …because there’s criminals I don’t lose my rights @piersmorgan " -Alex Jonesknow your enemy
Alex Jones is destroying Piers Morgan right now. This is amazing.Anderson Quinn
And it didn’t stop after the commercial break.
Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight – Second Amendment Debate – 1/7/13 – Part 2arsonomics
1) Didn’t know who Alex Jones was until I watched this. 2) Didn’t know someone could say so much with so little substance. @JIMrichards1010Gareth Wheeler
You guys going out on a limb here, but I think Alex Jones might be a wee bit nuts?Abbie
Alex Jones often makes good points, but his method of doing so completely kills message. This argument can be won rationally & respectfully.Jeff O’Toole
@piersmorgan Interview with Alex Jones so clearly depicted why there will never be a logical, reasonable discussion about gun deaths in USA.Sandy
@piersmorgan once again, pure class Piers. Not sure how you put up with morons like Alex Jones. You the man.Stuart Ringer
I just want to know: who’s really running Alex Jones? Surely you don’t buy that “nutbar conspiracy theorist” act #falseflag #bilderberg #etcAndrew Coyne
Just heard Alex Jones’s voice for the first time. It’s like listening to a revolutionary Cookie MonsterJosh S.
The only thing Alex Jones was missing in his insane TV rampage was Ultimate Warrior facepaint and tassels.Corey Pierce
Damn if @PiersTonight had just let Alex Jones ramble for 10 mins more, I’m pretty sure he would’ve explained the finale of LOST. #cnnDan Speerin
Alex Jones has every right to be passionate about our constitutional rights. I mean, why aren’t you? Your ancestors died for it.S W E R V E ✌
I wish more people had the passion of alex jones, we’d be a better countryBrad Yanalunas
Seriously, I actually agree with Alex Jones about guns but overall the guy is a clown. He cant be taken seriously at all.Bigdaddy
Alex Jones is not the hero the gun lobby wants or deserves.explanoit
I’m just going to suggest we deport Piers Morgan and take Alex Jones’ guns away. #diplomacyRob Gillin
As for Piers Morgan and the petition to have him deported, he addressed that at the end of his show.
Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight – Second Amendment Debate – 1/7/13 – Part 6arsonomics

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