Allied air strike destroys key building in Tripoli

No-fly zone being enforced from Tripoli to Benghazi

An administrative building said to be one of Col. Moammar Gafhafi’s command centres has been bombed by French, U.K. and U.S. air forces. Allied forces continue to strike targets in Libya in order to enforce a no-fly zone and prevent pro-Gadhafi forces from targeting civilians. While the building was destroyed, it was not clear if there were any casualties. Killing the Libyan leader is not allowed under the UN resolution authorizing them. In the city of Misrata, there were reports civilians are being used as human shields to deter further air strikes. Qatar is the latest coalition partner to send planes to the region in order to enforce the no fly zone. At least 64 people have reportedly been killed since air strikes began on Saturday, but the number could not be verified.

BBC News

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