Ambassador Bridge conflict heats up

Owner sues Canada, U.S.

The longstanding conflict over plans to build a second span of the Ambassador Bridge just got a little uglier. Matty Moroun, who owns the bridge that connects Windsor, Ont., to Detroit, Mich., is suing the governments of both countries, claiming they’re getting in the way of his proposal to twin the crossing. The move comes after Moroun’s permit to build the second span was returned by the U.S Coast Guard. Property conflicts and court orders were among the Coast Guard’s concerns. Moroun was ordered to tear down the duty-free complex he built on the U.S. side after it was deemed to be in conflict with plans to join Detroit’s Interstate 75 and Interstate 96 highways with the bridge. According to Ambassador Bridge spokesman Phil Frame, Moroun believes the government is either trying to take over the bridge, or reduce business to make way for another crossing.


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