Anatomy of a Twitter smackdown

Political operatives and journalists take to Twitter to verify the source of a quote in the latest Liberal attack ad

Earlier this morning, National Campaign Chairman for the Conservative Party Guy Giorno questioned a quote attributed to Stephen Harper in a Liberal attack ad. The quote read, “It’s past time the feds scrapped the Canada Health Act,” which appeared in an August 26, 2010 article in the Globe and Mail. Giorno pointed to David Somerville as the source of the quote, which CBC reporter Laura Payton later verified by digging up the source document: a June 1997 issue of Bulldog. The following is a selected timeline of the tweets that unfolded between dueling war rooms and fact-hungry reporters.!/cpc_giorno/status/59982830750539776!/cpc_giorno/status/59994441963941888!/cpc_giorno/status/59999069505986560!/laura_payton/status/59999232425332736!/liberal_wire/status/60009793695387649!/cpc_giorno/status/60017430621204481!/cpc_giorno/status/60016344015450113!/CBCTerry/status/60015164543614976!/cpc_giorno/status/60016129397108737!/liberal_wire/status/60016145389977600!/jasonlietaer/status/60016759058604032!/laura_payton/status/60031174394912768!/kady/status/60033226424586240!/wicary/status/60033695192584192!/cpc_giorno/status/60048484665004032

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