And in the red corner ... The U.S. debate, as told in boxing analogies

The race for the White House? A fight to the finish

And in the red corner… : the debate in boxing analogies

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Presidential debates are a lot like boxing fights. The media calls them in winners or losers. Fans remember the best punches of the night. So with the third and final presidential debate Monday night, it’s no wonder many were calling this Obama/Romney III
30 min from: Obama v. Romney III. May not be as exciting as Ali v. Frazier III ("Thrilla in Manilla"), but it will matter more #CCNDebateVan Jones
… Round 2 :: President Obama .vs. "Mitt Romney" | Tale of the Tape :: #Boxing, #Obama, #Romney, #Politics, #Debate
Ding, ding, ding… Round Three Obama vs Romney is set to begin #PnPCBC #cdnpoliDanno
RETWEET IF YOU’RE WATCHING THE BOXING MATCH. In one corner – Mitt "Roarin’ Mormon" Romney. In the other corner, Barack "Kenyan Beast" ObamaBig Bird
And when the opening bell rung, ESPN boxing analyst Dan Rafael was there throughout to give his boxing-debate play-by-play.
This #debate is a slugfest from the opening bell as @BarackObama is going for a KO1 vs Romney, who is on the ropes early.Dan Rafael
Ohhh, @BarackObama has Romney on the ropes in discussing his overseas trips! Big shots flying. #debateDan Rafael
Romney: I’m not gonna say to Putin that after the election I’ll get more backbone. That’s a jab at Obama #debatesOn Politics
When Obama thinks he did good. Romney comes back with a solid hook. #RomneyRyan2012trey ramirez
Obama gave Romney Uppercut , like that girl on the Bus =)) watchout for the video!!! Ademola
#Obama just landed a great right hook…."There’s also less horses and bayonets"..(When Romney talked of fewer ships than 1917)Steph Bitten
This #debate is like a verbal @Brandon_Rios1 vs @MileHighMike303. @BarackObama and Romney are landing bombs. Both showing great chins.Dan Rafael
Romney not returning to Libya is like Tyson shelving his left hook. (i’m referring to the model)GregGutfeld
Every time the next segment intro’d in the #debate there should be a round card girl.Dan Rafael
Barack just hit Romney with the 8th round Ali jab on Foreman in Zaire. #Debates #DudeLookedStunnedGlobal Grind
Obama bout to hit Romney with a right jab. "Check the records"…Jamel Herring
ding ding.. PRESIDENT OBAMA WON! fuentes
Al Sharpton best boxing metaphor. "Romney jabbed and clinched all night."Matthew Polly
I wonder if @BarackObama and Romney agreed to blood and urine testing for this #debateDan Rafael
@NowWithAlex it’s like the last round of a boxing match’re ahead on.points, you stay away and just jab that’s what Romney did.Derek Hughes Sr.
And after three full debates, analysts went to the scorecards.
It’s over! @barackobama vs. Romney III is over! We go to the cards… #debateDan Rafael
POTUS Debate III: Obama did well for the first hour. Romney won the last 30 minutes. I score it another draw.John E. Armstrong
… Cartoon :: 3rd Presidential Debate … "Fox News Style" ::….. #Politics, #Obama, #Romney, #UFC, #Boxing
Gale Van Hoy had Martin Van Buren winning the #debateDan Rafael
Obama-Romney debate trilogy scored as boxing matches: Romney won 1st one 118-110, Obama won next two 116-112.Max Kellerman
Romney wins debate by TKO, flawless victory, etc etc, destroys Obama’s (lack of) foreign policy. #debatesZombie Cupcake
Romney wins on points. No KO or TKO. Debate 3 matters. #debateloosekannon
Did Romney do enough to beat the Champ Obama ? Boxing analogy u gotta knock out the champ not sure Mitt did enough Clutched& GrabRene Torres
The real scorecards will be tallied on November 6.