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CRTC allows networks to run "unlimited" ads

Attention Canadian television watchers: Get ready to fast-forward like you’ve never fast-forwarded before. The Ottawa Citizen reports that, as of Sept. 1, the CRTC has given the networks carte blanche to run as many commercials as they want—a major change from the old regime, which capped the amount of time that could be devoted to ads at fifteen minutes per hour. The move to phase out ad limits began in 2007, and was heralded by CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein as “part of a plan to develop ‘lighter’ and ‘more targeted’ regulation,” according to the Citizen. “Broadcasters will have the flexibility to air more advertising, and Canadian viewers will ultimately decide what is acceptable.” The Citizen points out that cable subscribers will end up paying more for the privilege of being a captive audience for marketers: A 1.5 per cent hike, which will go into the newly created Local Programming Improvement Fund, which was set up by the CRTC and is funded by cable companies.

Ottawa Citizen