Updated: Angry birds and silly debate: A Storify

Noted today during Question Period

Angry birds and silly debate

During QP, Carolyn Bennett accused the Health Minister of playing Angry Birds on her iPad rather than taking questions on tainted beef. The Liberal MP asked a question about food safety. Here’s how it all went down:

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Carolyn Bennett: “Mr. Speaker, E. coli has been in the food chain for over a month, but question period after question period the Minister of Health sits in her chair playing on her iPad. I have been asked if the minister has been playing Angry Birds, and to let her know that Canadians are angrier than Angry Birds. That she has refused to tell worried Canadians the facts about this ongoing public— …”
Angry Birds – DRINK!!!!!! #cdnpoli #QPJames Valcke
Bennett accuses Agglukaq of playing Angry Birds in QP. "Canadians are angrier than Angry Birds." This is where we are, you guys.colin horgan
Angry Birds in #qp. Lol! #cdnpoliKevin Bourassa
Bennett eventually got to ask her question: “Mr. Speaker, will the minister call a televised press conference and allow the Public Health Agency of Canada to speak directly to Canadians?”
In response, Ritz stood and replied: “I do not know where the member has been for the last three or four weeks. We have been doing exactly that.

“There have been televised, technical briefings. The media has been invited. We actually tried to put one together for the opposition members, and instead of taking advantage of that, they decided to have a silly emergency debate that went nowhere.”   

Emergency debate "silly" according to Gerry Ritz even as recall continues to expand. XL Foods fires, hires, fires workers. #cdnpoli#DemandElxn42
Ritz, in response, calls Liberal emergency debate on meat recall "silly". Again… I just… I don’t even…colin horgan
"A silly emergency debate." Yes, why do we even bother?aaronwherry
"Silly emergency debate" – Gerry Ritz errr on E. coli? Really? Silly?James Valcke
After QP, Ritz apologized for his choice of his words.