Aniston 1 Paparazzi 0

Incessantly hunted by photographers, actress Jennifer Aniston got a new law

Paparazzi are known to go to extreme lengths for the “big shot.” But after hearing of celebrity horror stories from Jennifer Aniston and others, California politicians created a new law to crack down on the photographers. And Aniston is getting all the credit. The new legislation allows for penalties of up to $50,000 against photographers and media outlets that buy “unlawfully obtained” photos and video that violates privacy laws by showing people “engaging in a personal or familial activity” where they have “a reasonable expectation of privacy” such as private property. As for Aniston, she calls it a public safety issue: “When you have children in the car and the photographers are rushing you, it’s just absolutely out of control. Somebody’s going to die if we don’t do something.”

Los Angeles Times

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