Another potential wrongful murder conviction

Winnipeger on bail while his case is reviewed

From Winnipeg, hometown of David Milgaard—whose wrongful conviction for murder in 1970 resulted in a massive 2008 inquiry report into how he landed in prison—comes another potential case of justice gone dramatically awry. This morning a 60-year-old grandfather, convicted of a 1986 drug hit and sentenced to life behind bars, was released on bail. Frank Ostrowski has always said he was innocent in the murder of Robert Neiman, and now he’s out for Christmas as Ottawa reviews his case. The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted contends that in Ostrowski’s 1987 trial key information was not disclosed by the Crown and police. A fact kept secret then: one witness who testified against him had made a deal with federal authorities to testify against Ostrowski in order to get a cocaine trafficking charge against him withdrawn so he wouldn’t go to jail.

Winnipeg Free Press

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