Anti-riot police clash with protesters in Tahrir Square -

Anti-riot police clash with protesters in Tahrir Square


Maclean’s exclusive:

Foreign correspondent Michael Petrou travelled to Egypt earlier this fall where liberal activists told him that their revolution is far from over. Petrou filed his report days before President Mohammed Morsi seized new powers in his country. In a feature report from the Nov. 26 issue, Petrou described the ways political Islam had taken firm hold in Egypt.  Read his report here.

The latest developments:

Security clashed with protesters in Tahrir Square Saturday morning as demonstrations continue against Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s move to seize new powers earlier this week.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that anti-riot police fired tear gas on hundreds of protesters.

The BBC reports that the Supreme Judicial Council in Egypt has denounced Morsi for organizing an “unprecedented attack on the independence of the judiciary and its rulings.” Mursi granted himself the power to dissolve the contituent assembly, which is drawing up a new constitution.

There are calls for a new mass protest on Tuesday.

“Egypt is at the start of a new revolution because it was never our intention to replace one dictator with another,” activist Mohammed al-Gamal told the ABC.

In this narrated slideshow, Petrou describes life in the wake of revolution.

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