Archie Comics to introduce gay character

“We wanted to have everyone at the table,” says comics artist

Archie comics, which publishes the adventures of the world’s oldest teenagers, will finally see the first gay character added to the mix. In a story from Veronica # 202, Veronica Lodge will be attracted to a hunky new guy named Kevin, not realizing that he’s attracted to men rather than women. The artist and writer, Dan Parent, says that the company wanted to introduce more “diverse characters” into its world, and that no big deal will be made of the story or the characters’ reactions “the characters just accept it, and that’s it.” Parent has also written a story where Archie has a romance with the company’s first black character, Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats. But none of this clears up the big issue: why are two sexy girls chasing after a boy with a waffle on the side of his head?

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