Twitter responds to 'Worst Infield Fly Call Ever'

Armchair umps sound off on infield fly rule

Baseball fans learn about the infield fly rule

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Baseball fans: try to explain the infield fly rule in less than one minute. It’s not easy. And this rule will be talked about for days, maybe even weeks to come. (Who knows, it could be years we talk about this.) Why does this all matter. Foreshadowing…
Guys, don’t get frustrated if you can’t get your girl to understand the infield fly rule. Even the umpires don’t get it.Nicole Shepard
MLB’s official language on the infield fly rule: Report
Baseball decided to try something new this year’s playoffs. Add another two teams, and have a best-of-one play-in game between the wild card teams. In the first ever one-game wild card, the Atlanta Braves hosted the St. Louis Cardinals. Fast forward to the bottom of the eighth—the Braves are losing by three, but are at bat with runners at first and second, one out. Pop fly to left field and the Cardinals fielders can’t decide who will catch the ball. The ball hits the grass and the crowd goes wild. BUT! The left field umpire called a late “infield fly,” ruling the batter out automatically. The Braves coach storms out of the dugout… and Twitter goes into overdrive.
Oh my God, they’re calling infield fly on a pop fly that went 50 feet into the outfield. Worst infield fly ruling I’ve EVER seen.David O’Brien
this is where the infield fly dropped. Bois
Just wondering for future reference: Has there ever been an infield fly rule called on the warning track?Rich Eisen
Outfield umpire, infield fly?Jon Morosi
Call on infield-fly rule is supposed to be immediate, according to rulebook. This wasn’t.Ken Rosenthal
MLB’s official twitter account used to say, "We don’t understand the infield fly rule, either" in its profile. But that’s now been removedLarry Stone
Haha. Check out the @MLB Twitter bio. "we don’t understand the infield fly rule either." Wow. Bad timing. #MLBPlayoffs Grinaker
And with memories of bad replacement referees in pro football, baseball umpires were next on the blown call list.
@theweeks The call on the field in Atlanta is….Infield Outfield Fly Rule?….Touchdown Celtics. Richards
No way that should have been an infield fly, how did the nfl replacement refs get another job this quick?! #whatadisgraceTravis Orwig
Infield fly rule. Cardinals score. Seahawks win.Ex Replacement Ref
This is going to put a lot of pressure on Bud Selig to settle the labor dispute and get the real umpires back for the rest of the playoffs.CJ Nitkowski
"These umps worked that Packers/Seahawks game too huh?" -@RoFloESPN on infield fly call in Cards-Braves wild-card gameSportsCenter
And the beer flowed from the stands, not into the streets, but onto the field.
Infield fly???? Wow.. Fans are thinking more beer bottle flyGiancarlo Stanton
“@SportsCenter: Braves fans littered Turner Field with trash in protest of 8th-inning infield fly call –>” all beer…Blake Coffey
Turner Field crowd throws beer bottles all over the field after controversial infield fly rule. Report
I can’t believe these incompetent umpires are going to taint the great history of the Taco Bell One-Game Wild-Card Showdown FiestaSean Keane
Worst call in one game Wild Card Playoff historyJIM BOWDEN
Everyone’s keeping score of the alternate timeline game now, I presume.Bruce Arthur
Game is being played under protest by #BravesDavid O’Brien
Regardless of the score in the “alternate timeline game,” where the Braves had the bases loaded with just one out, the real score is the only one that counts. Braves lose 6-3. They may have had a season with 94 wins, but they are eliminated in front of their home fans after a single game. Don’t expect people in Atlanta to forget this call anytime soon. The “infield call” rule might be on highlight reels for a lifetime.
#Braves #Cardinals Infield fly play equivalent Pats/Raiders tuck rule. #poorjudgementForrest Gump
The Infield Fly Rule in the MLB is just as ridiculous as the Tuck Rule in the NFLPrimo
Sports fans. Now try to explain what happened between the Patriots/Raiders “tuck rule” in less than a minute.