Arrests made in Kampala attacks -

Arrests made in Kampala attacks

Ugandan authorities continue to investigate bombings during World Cup Final


Ugandan authorities have made a number of arrests in connection with the near simultaneous explosions on Sunday at two sites in Kampala that left at least 74 people dead during the World Cup final. Somalia’s al-Shabab terrorist group has said it carried out the attacks—the first time the group has struck outside of Somalia. “We thank the mujahideens that carried out the attack,” said Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage, the group’s spokesperson. “We are sending a message to Uganda and Burundi, if they do not take out their Amisom [African Union Mission in Somalia] troops from Somalia, blasts will continue and it will happen.” Kale Kayihura, the inspector-general of police, said investigators had also found a unexploded suicide bomb belt at a third site, a discotheque, in the capital. The other blasts occurred at an Ethiopian restaurant in the south of the city and a rugby sports club, where people were watching the World Cup final.

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