Assad supporters try to storm U.S. ambassador's residence in Damascus -

Assad supporters try to storm U.S. ambassador’s residence in Damascus

Syrian government continues to thwart dissent among civilians


Supporters of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad assembled outside of the Damascus residence of U.S. ambassador Stephen Ford on Thursday. The group shouted insults and attempted to climb the wall, likely in response to the Syrian government’s recent success in thwarting rebel dissent, CNN reports. EU pressure in the form of sanctions and asset freezing has influenced the Assad regime to promise minimal reforms, but the regime’s mistreatment of civilians continues. Official Syrian government documents were leaked on Wednesday, which stated that selected workers and students are required to participate in pro-Assad rallies or face pay reductions and academic credit loss. The authenticity of the document was never confirmed, but Ammar Qurabi, chairman of Syria’s National Organization of Human Rights, says it is legitimate.


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