Attempted bomber threatens U.S. -

Attempted bomber threatens U.S.

Terrorist behind failed Times Square explosion promises others will succeed


Faisal Shahzad, the man who parked a car full of explosives in Times Square but failed to detonate them, has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges but remains completely remorseless. “It’s a war,” said the 30-year-old suspect in an angry diatribe to the presiding federal judge. “I’m going to plead guilty a hundred times over because until the hour the U.S. pulls its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and stops the drone strikes … we will be attacking.” When asked how he felt about the innocent people, including children, that would have died had his attack been successful, he simply said “The people select the government. We consider them all the same.” He also detailed how he learned to make bombs at a Taliban training camp in Pakistan, and how the organization assisted him with payments of several thousand dollars. The university educated former account analyst now faces life in a federal prison.

New York Daily News

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