Author returns advance worth “vast amount of money” -

Author returns advance worth “vast amount of money”

John Sergeant says memoirs would’ve been “boring”


John Sergeant, 65, a one-time prominent TV journalist and more recently an unlikely star of a British dance contest television show, said he could not face writing another volume of memoirs. Sergeant had a change of heart after accepting an advance, saying the book would have been too boring. ”Had I been less well-known, I could have written a book on the history of the police, or something that would have interested me hugely, but all they really wanted was my memoirs. And you can’t go on writing the same book, for Christ’s sake. Not only is it boring, it’s a terrific strain, too. You get trapped. So I paid back the advance— a vast amount of money—and then I felt incredibly free.” Sergeant quit Strictly Come Dancing last year after he was repeatedly saved from eviction by the public vote despite regularly posting the worst score. Judges on the BBC One show criticized the public for keeping him on the show until he quit, saying the “joke” was no longer funny.


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